Education & Health




Computer Donation

As the implementation of company’s concern of education improvement in South Solok, SEML cooperated with Government of South Solok donated 10 computers for 6 schools by the end of 2012. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of West Sumatra, Regent South Solok, and Management of SEML.

andalas 2+ andalas 1+

Signing of MOU between Andalas University and SEML

This cooperation is conducted for education, training, and research in energy sector. The scope of cooperation includes energy innovation research and development.


beasiswa cut 1 Beasiswa I

Beasiswa IVc


On October 3, 2013  SEML launched its Scholarship-CSR program in South Solok. This program was symbolically given by the South Solok Regent H. Muzni Zakaria, M.Eng accompanied by Sr.Relations Manager SEML, Yulnofrins Napilus to the students who have been selected by Department of Education in South Solok.

This scholarship program was implemented in 2013, with the target beneficiaries of 600 students from elementary, middle, and high schools level in 7 districts, South Solok Regency.


Geothermal session in Andalas University (2015)




Mass Cicumcision1+ Mass Cicumcision2+

Mass Circumcisions

SEML conducted mass circumcisions activities with 50 orphans beneficiaries from Pauh Duo sub-district on July 3, 2013.

Pembagian masker (1) Pembagian masker (2)

Dust mask donation

Due to smog that occurred in Sumatra Island, SEML donated dust musk to local community to maintain respiratory health in October 2015.



Blood donation & Medical Treatment

In conjunction with the celebration of 72nd anniversary of Indonesia, SEML organizes free medical treatment and blood donation program that conducted in August 2017. A total of 185 people became beneficiaries of this program