The Rantau Dedap geothermal prospect is located in the Muara Enim, Lahat Regencies and Pagar Alam City of South Sumatra, approximately 225 km from Palembang, the capital city of the South Sumatera province. Previously it was a very remote area with only walking trails or no access at all and only motorcycles can reach the Rantau Dedap village. Geographically, the area is situated between 4° 7’ – 4° 15’ South Latitude and 103° 29’ – 103° 18’ East Longitude. The contract area covers approximately 35,440 ha (18.56 km x 19.63 km) and is situated at an elevation ranging from 1000 to 2600 meters on the Bukit Besar volcanic complex, in which the existence of the geothermal system is indicated by a wide distribution of thermal manifestations, particularly on the flank of it.

Map of Rantau Dedap