The Rajabasa geothermal prospect is located in the South Lampung Regency, about 60 km South East of Bandar Lampung, the capital city of Lampung Province;  Exactly at the southern end of the Sumatera Island, alongside the eastern coast of Lampung Bay, and is centered on the volcanic cone of Mount Rajabasa. The concession covers an area of about 19,520 ha at an elevation ranging from sea level to 1280 meters bounded by the coastal line in the western and southern sides. The geothermal prospect is indicated by the broad and wide distribution of thermal manifestations, consisting of fumaroles, mud pools and hot springs generally divided into two groups; Kalianda prospect in the north and Pematang Belirang prospect in the south. This area can be reached by vehicles from Bandar Lampung in about two hours or almost five hours from Jakarta.