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The Pioneer of Geothermal Exploration and Development in Indonesia

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Supreme Energy focuses its business on the development of geothermal energy in Indonesia to support the government program in meeting fast growing energy needs and establishing a more environmentally friendly energy mix with an increased proportion of renewable energy.

We have done comprehensive pre-feasibility studies and we have secured three geothermal IUPs (mining concession license) for three areas in Sumatera. These three areas are included in the PLN long-term development plan (RUPTL 2010-2019) and in the second 10,000 MW accelerated development program launched by the government of Indonesia in 2010. Supreme Energy plans to develop at least 220 MW of geothermal capacity in each area, with commercial production expected to start in 2018.

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Supreme Energy Rantau Dedap Reached Financial Closing Under the USD 50 million Facility Agreement During Exploration Stage for The Rantau Dedap Geothermal Project

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