Community Empowerment

PT Supreme Energy Rantau Dedap (SERD) donated 3 hand-tractor units to farmer groups in Segamit Village and its surrounding areas in Semendo Darat Ulu (SDU) Sub District in April 2012.

Manggis 1 Manggis 2

SERD donated 5000 mangosteen seeds to Regency of Lahat. Mangosteen fruit is a commodity that has many benefits for both economic and health among others, prevent cancer, prevent kidney stones, relieve pain and good for weight loss


Strawberry Planting

Coffee Planting


In terms of implementing CSR program in community economic empowerment, SERD donating seeds and providing assistance for farmers to produce coffee and strawberry. SERD also cooperate with UNSRI (University of Sriwijaya) Team in training coffee farmer.

Potatoes Cultivation Training

SERD resumed cooperation with Agriculture Faculty of Sriwijaya University, Palembang, and Department of Agriculture, Province of Palembang, related to the training on potatoes planting to farmers in Segamit, Rantau Dedap and Tunggul Bute villages. This program was conducted in 2017 to provide communities with alternatives of livelihood in addition to coffee.