PT Supreme Energy Rajabasa

Pre-Feasibility Study

Under the Decrees of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resource (ESDM) issued in 2008, PT. Supreme Energy was assigned to conduct pre-feasibility studies in Gunung Rajabasa geothermal prospects.
This assignment were completed in 2009 within the time specified in the decrees. The studies have successfully estimated the possible reserves and established the concession area for each of the prospects based on the conceptual models constructed by the integration of geological, geophysical, geochemical data and prior wells.
Geotechnical data was added in order to identify any constraints or hazards for development of the field. The earth science data acquired during the pre-feasibility studies was used to estimate resource size of the prospects.

   Jetty Area  Jetty Area

Current Status
Following the tender award of the Rajabasa concessions to the Supreme Energy Consortium in early 2010, a geothermal license (IPB or Ijin Panas Bumi) was issued to the project company.

On March 2, 2012, the Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) between Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) and the project company was signed and on the same day the Ministry of Finance of the Republic Indonesia issued the Government Guarantee Letter for the project. The signing of the PPA and issuance of the Guarantee Letter followed several months of intensive and constructive negotiations between the parties, driven by the shared goal of accelerating the development of geothermal energy in Indonesia.

The exploration program in Rajabasa has also been started. It has completed the Airborne topographic, MEQ survey and the engineering design for civil construction was started in August 2012 and land permitting work is ongoing. PT Supreme Energy Rajabasa has got several licenses which are the Environmental Permit (UKL / UPL), location permit, surface water use permit, and Business License of Electricity Supply temporary.

The Jetty construction design is ready, and the permits has been issued by the Minister of Transportation by the end of 2013 year. On April 2014 the Protected Forest Borrow Use Permit (IPPKH) which has been eagerly awaited by SERB was finally issued by the Ministry of Forestry. This permit is a final requirement for the commencement of construction work in the area of the ​​protection forest.

In 2014, SERB focused on engineering design related to Jetty construction, piping systems, sea water facilities, pumping facilities, and facilities for the supply of electricity generators. SERB have proactively conducted social and legal approach in order to improve situation and condition in the field.

To be more secured, SERB has started the perimeter fence construction at the jetty area that was completed by the end of 2014. The construction of the gate continued with the construction of a jetty that will be used for a port to load and unload required construction equipment, the construction activity began in early 2015 and its targeted to be completed by mid of 2015.