Prijandaru EffendiVice President of Relations & SHE
DCS_7076 Prijandaru started his career in 1993 as a Petroleum Engineer with Asamera Oil. He was with Gulf Resources Ltd as International Business Development Manager in 1997 and Gas Marketing Manager in 2002. Upon its acquisition by ConocoPhillips Indonesia, he was responsible for domestic and international gas sales as Gas Marketing Manager.

He joined Magma Nusantara (Star Energy) in 2005 as Sr. Manager Commercial & Operation Support where he led negotiations with PLN for the electricity sales of the Wayang Windu expansion. He joined PT. Supreme Energy in 2007. Prijandaru has a bachelor degree in Engineering from Trisakti University and a master degree in Petroleum Engineering from Tulsa University, Oklahoma.

NisriyantoVice President of Business Strategy & Development
DCS_7068Nisriyanto has more than 23 years of experience in finance and accounting, planning and auditing in various industries, including oil & gas and geothermal businesses. He held various managerial positions in the industries, including ConocoPhillips Indonesia and Star Energy.

He joined PT. Supreme Energy in 2007. Nisriyanto has a master degree in Accounting from University of Denver, CO – USA, and is a registered Accountant in Indonesia.

Win Sukardi – Vice President of Support & Services

DCS_6919Win has 25 years of industry experience in the areas of QA/QC, petroleum engineering, supply chain management, and currently in support & services. He has worked in various companies starting in 1992 with PT. Barata Indonesia, then ARCO Indonesia, BP Indonesia, Kangean Energy, Star Energy, and in 2008 he joined Supreme Energy.

Win has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Brawijaya), master degrees in Petroleum Engineering (University of Tulsa), Management (Swiss German University), Business Administration (University of Konstanz), and Business Law (University of Gadjah Mada). He also holds several certifications; Certified Purchasing Manager, Certified International Project Manager, International Certificate in SCM, Accredited Supply Chain Analyst, Licensed NLP Practitioner, and Master Quality Manager.

Leksono – Vice President of Finance & Accounting

DCS_6983Leksono worked 19 years for  oil & gas industry and 7 years in the geothermal industry. Started his carrier with Marathon Petroleum Indonesia as an accountant and then moved to procurement department as procurement superintendent for a few years before moving back to accounting department as budget and reporting supervisor.

In year 2000 Leksono joined Premier Oil Indonesia as budget and reporting manager. In 2003 Leksono joined Star Energy and worked as the manager of Accounting. In early 2008 Leksono joined PT. Supreme Energy as Senior Manager of Finance & Accounting. Leksono has bachelor degree in business administration majoring in accounting from The University of Texas at Austin, Texas.

Novi Ganefianto – Vice President of Exploration & Subsurface Engineering
DCS_7045 R Novi has 25 years of geothermal industry experience, working for various geothermal developers, including Unocal Geothermal, Chevron Geothermal, Star Energy, Thermochem, and Mighty River Power in New Zealand. He has been involved in exploration, development and field management for many geothermal fields in Indonesia and New Zealand, such as Salak, Darajat, Sarulla, Wayang-Windu, Rotokawa, Mokai, Kawerau and Ngatamariki geothermal fields. Before joining PT. Supreme Energy in 2015, he was the Country Manager for Thermochem Indonesia, which one of his task was to project manage the well testing activities during the implementation of the development drilling program currently underway in the Sarulla Geothermal Field. Novi has a bachelor degree in Geology from ITB and a Diploma in Geothermal Technology from the University of Auckland.